Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ (mush-free) - 60 capsules
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ (mush-free) - 60 capsules
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ (mush-free) - 60 capsules

Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ (mush-free) - 60 capsules


Special Dietary Usefulness: Under a physician’s direction, Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ may have special dietary usefulness for individuals suffering from a weakened immune system.
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ is a daily use immune support product. For healthy people it promotes healthy NK cell levels, keeping bugs at bay. For immune compromised individuals, it assists the body in bringing NK cell levels to where they need to be for optimal health. Transfer Factor works on the cellular (TH1) immunity level (as opposed to humoral (TH2) immunity), and they are often used to promote a balanced immune system (Th1/Th2).
This product is mushroom-free for patients sensitive to mushrooms.
Each bottle provides a one month supply of the following complexes and health benefits:
NK Maximizer Bioplex™: Proprietary super blend of transfer factor, larch arabinogalactan, and IP-6 which
• promotes healthy NK cell levels & immune modulation
• engulfs foreign particles in blood stream and tissues
• promotes metal chelation to prevent buildup of minerals which may weaken immune system
Macrophage & T-Cell Pro Blend™: Proprietary blend of TMG, beta glucan, and astragulus which
• activates white blood cells known as macrophages and neutrophils
• provides one of the immune system’s first line of defense against foreign invaders
• removes cellular debris & speeds up recovery of damaged tissue
• promotes healthy T-cell function, cellular replication, and liver function
Healthy Cell GTP™: Proprietary blend of potent green tea and pomegranate extracts which
• promotes healthy cell division
• triggers apoptosis in abnormal cells
• contains effective antioxidant properties
Key Nutrient Blend: Folate, Vitamin B-12, Zinc, Selenium which
• strengthen immune function
• promote normal cell growth
• boost antioxidant levels


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